Junnar Caves

Junnar caves are also an important destination for the Buddhist pilgrims, not very far from Mumbai and Pune, these caves are situated in Aurangabad district, and are well known to the tourists, especially the Buddhist pilgrims around the world. There are many caves in the hill ranges, all-important in the archaeological point of view.

There are three groups of caves in the hills, the Tulija Lena, and the Ganesh lena being prominent. The place is surrounded by lush greens, which makes the place more attractive and a dear one among all Buddhist destinations.All of the Junnar caves were founded somewhere between 2nd Century BC and 3rd Century AD.
Ajanta caves :Unlike Ellora, these are predominantly Buddhist caves and represent a fine picture of the flourishing era of Buddhism in India. In a series of 29 caves, one can easily see the effects of Both sects of Buddhism, the Hinyana and the Mahayana, through the architecture and sculpture of these caves.

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