About Vaishali :

It was here that the Buddha announced the approaching of his Mahaparinirvana. During one of his visits here, the Buddha was offered a bowl of honey by a monkey. This incident is mentioned as one of the eight great events in his life. Vaishali is 60 kms. From Patna, connected by the 5.5 kms. Long Mahatma Gandhi Bridge.

This city hosted Lord Buddha five years after he had attained enlightenment. The mass induction of people into Buddhism after the Lord had shown some extraordinary and divine presentations of his spiritual superiority is the major reason for the popularity of this place.
Air - The nearest airport is Patna which is 56 km from the city.
Rail - Hazipur is the nearest Rly. Station.
Road - Regular bus services connect the city with Patna and other cities of Bihar.

Rajgir - Situated on the district of Nalanda is Rajgir, an important Buddhist pilgrimage site where the first Buddhist Council was hosted after the Nirvana of Buddha.

Patna - Patna was earlier known as Pataliputra, the capital of Magadh empire and is 55 kms from Vaishali. This is the place where the third Buddhist council was held.

Kesaria - Kesaputta during the time of Buddha where, he preached that his sermons should be taken not as f granted, the place is known for the 104-ft stupa that is the largest in the world, even beating the Borobodur of Java. Originally a 123 ft high stupa, a major earthquake resulted the stupa to get immersed down in to the earth. According to General Cunningham the present stupa is built upon an earlier and much larger stupa that dates back to earlier than 200AD. It is also known that the Lord had spent a night before his Nirvana in Kesaria. The Lichhivis are associated to the construction of most of the monuments in the region and this stupa is no different.